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How To Cook Easy Meals

Most Americans today are really busy and looking for ways to cook quick and easy meals. They are spending far less time in the kitchen than our parents (mom) and grandparents (grandma). Many don’t even really know how to cook anything for that matter. Within this site I will definitely have some quick dinner recipes and an easy recipe for any time of day.

With all the cooking shows going on today, especially The Food Network, we seem to spend more time watching cooking shows than actually spending time in the kitchen. There has also been recent surveys showing that excuses for not cooking were (not going into percentages) don’t know how, not enough time, don’t want to clean up the mess, don’t have time for grocery shopping. Well I can not help you with the last two, but I can with first two.

There are a lot of websites to learn how to cook easy with easy recipes. Some are difficult and some are not. If your intermediate to expert this site is not for you. I not going to have 1000’s of recipes here either. I have recipes and basic ways that I prepared them over the years. Nothing complicated at all. Basically for the excuse “I don’t know how” or “I don’t have time”. As far as time, there are a lot of frozen skillet prepared meals that taste great, but the sodium in these meals is outrageous. If you’re short on time they can be great. Just don’t live off them unless you want to see you blood pressure skyrocket.

There will be a lot of grilling going on also. If time is your issue, a lot of easy grilling recipes can be made in a short amount of time on the grill. I could not live without my grill. If you haven’t checked out my about me page, please do so. It will give you a little more insight of what this site and I are about.
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For the beginners just wanting to eat